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the Vanguard consumer staples sector ETF (VDC) | Asset-Specific Analysis | Aug 01 2019

VanAurum Analysis

VanAurum has identified a significant relationship between this signal and one or more of the 2-week, 2-month, or 6-month returns for at least one asset. These are shown below, along with the analytics for each:

126-day returns for the S&P 500 Index where the Vanguard consumer staples sector ETF's 144-day rate of change has been greater than or equal to 0.18795666
Signal: 7.64

3 indicators at extremes

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Market Extremes | the Vanguard consumer staples sector ETF (VDC)

Below is a table of market indicators for the Vanguard consumer staples sector ETF (VDC) that are exhibiting extremes. The chart above is a selection of indicators that VanAurum has calculated to be the most significant on a historical basis.

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ID Date Asset Indicator Percentile Value
377545 08/01/2019 VDC_D CLOSE 99.4875736612862 151.55
377543 08/01/2019 VDC_D ROC150 97.095656807887 0.18590431
377544 08/01/2019 VDC_D ROC151 98.454157782516 0.21956371
377542 08/01/2019 VDC_D ROC2 2.46090745962574 -0.02276245