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the US Dollar | Asset-Specific Analysis | Aug 01 2019

VanAurum Analysis

VanAurum has identified a significant relationship between this signal and one or more of the 2-week, 2-month, or 6-month returns for at least one asset. These are shown below, along with the analytics for each:

42-day returns for iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF where the US Dollar's 24-day balance of power moving average has been greater than or equal to 0.209730522081907
Signal: -6.74

42-day returns for Gold where the US Dollar's 15-day net sum of up-days and down-days has been greater than or equal to 7.0
Signal: -7.05

126-day returns for the US Dollar where the US Dollar's 26-day balance of power moving average has been greater than or equal to 0.205767445484513
Signal: 8.05

6 indicators at extremes

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Market Extremes | the US Dollar

Below is a table of market indicators for the US Dollar that are exhibiting extremes. The chart above is a selection of indicators that VanAurum has calculated to be the most significant on a historical basis.

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ID Date Asset Indicator Percentile Value
377421 08/01/2019 USD_D BOPMA10 99.2623415925856 0.375052527630542
377422 08/01/2019 USD_D BOPMA14 97.6629298878966 0.271356564989574
377423 08/01/2019 USD_D BOPMA24 97.0266641089584 0.20659721533018
377424 08/01/2019 USD_D BOPMA28 97.0344694781437 0.189475042006436
377417 08/01/2019 USD_D SLOWSTOCHS190 97.0184349134688 99.0
377418 08/01/2019 USD_D SLOWSTOCHS195 97.0344567877989 99.0
377419 08/01/2019 USD_D UPDOWNSUM10 99.5452891960713 8.0
377420 08/01/2019 USD_D UPDOWNSUM15 97.2055343164027 7.0