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Promotional Offer for 321Gold and 321Energy Members

Dear 321Gold and 321Energy readers,

My name is Kevin Vecmanis, founder of VanAurum. I took a hiatus from publishing to build an AI-driven analysis platform that allows me to deliver relevant, quantifiable technical analysis on a truly global cross-section of the markets. Today we have a great offer for 321Gold and 321Energy readers to get on our new platform.

First, let me explain what it is and why I built it:

Our new research service is an AI-driven lead generator for finding tradable market opportunities around the globe.

Bob has a great saying on trading the markets, "Buy something when it's feared, sell it when it's dear". The VanAurum AI-Curated Market Report is going to point you in the direction of anything that is either loved or feared, daily.

I used to be a big metals guy (and truth be told, I still am!). But I realized my focus on metals was preventing me from identifying other opportunities for myself and readers. The markets are a truly vast space, and I’m convinced there are tradable opportunities all the time if you have the time to look.

But that’s the problem, isn’t it? Time. This where machine learning can help us. As it turns out, machine learning systems are really good at detecting anomalies - whether it be fraud detection, cancer detection, gene expression anomalies, unusual social media behaviour. You name it.

The new VanAurum is an automated pipeline for detecting market anomalies. We feed in market data on ratios, assets, technical indicators and economic data points on one end, and out the other end comes a nicely curated list of the most important anomalies. It does this daily for virtually every major asset market in the world, and I’m adding more every day. It’s completely unbiased and “industry agnostic”.

Some people ask me, “why not get it to do everything?”. The short answer to this is that people are smart too - and I’m a firm believer that the best use of artificial intelligence is to build systems that supplement the abilities of people, not replace them. So this is where I come in (and our members!).

Every day I look at the anomalies that VanAurum summarizes for me and I do analysis on them using powerful tools like our new VanAurum Insights engine. The results are available in the VanAurum Market Report with a click.

VanAurum Insights allows me (and members) to quantify virtually any technical condition historically. Here are some examples of what it can do:

Or, perhaps you want to branch out more:

Our engine is only limited by the data we provide it, which expands every day both through my own interests and the requests of members.

For two more weeks, I have a public version of the report available so you can see for yourself how the format works. It’s a live document in a “stream” format, so even if you miss a few days all of the analysis will still be available within the same document when you come back.

Today I’m offering Bob’s readers 25% off any membership level using coupon code 321GOLD, on top of our standard 14-day no-obligation free trial. We have three membership levels:

With our service you’ll get:
Before the discount, our semi-annual membership costs less than $1 a day. And that’s in Canadian dollars, so it’s basically free for Americans paying with US dollars :)

To sign up:

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Happy and prosperous investing!

Founder, VanAurum