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10-day returns for Silver where the GlobalX Funds Silver Miner ETF's 56-day balance of power moving average has been greater than or equal to 0.112104803881865
Info: There were 33 instances of this market event in the last 5 years. They are indicated below with vertical lines.

This table compares the return statistics of your query with that of the asset's full history
Descriptor Query Result Set Full Return Set
Number of Occurences 34 13933
Mean Value of Return Set 5.67 0.36
Standard Deviation 4.53 6.05
Minimum Return -2.79 -36.4
25th Percentile 2.7 -2.59
50th Percentile 5.68 0.0
75th Percentile 9.38 3.07
Maximum Return 13.08 46.61

T-Statistic: 6.835
The T-Statistic can be thought of as a signal to noise ratio. The further from zero this value is the more reliable the market condition has been, historically. It tells you how different the mean returns are for this query from the mean returns of the full price history. It's better than just looking at the mean returns because it adjusts for the number of occurences, and the variance of those occurences.