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"VanAurum currently tracks 164,787 indicators for 147 of the world's most important assets and indices. Our daily AI-curated market report summarizes all of the unusual and relevant market activity across our entire data pipeline. The VanAurum Market Report is the best way to stay informed on important global market activity. If you're an analyst, trader, or investor I think you're going to love it.

Kevin Vecmanis, Founder

Introducing The VanAurum Market Report New!
Our first AI-curated market summary - updated daily

For investors, analysts, and advisors, keeping up with important market events can be time consuming - we don’t think it has to be. At VanAurum, our goal is to use technology to make meaningful financial information as readily-available as possible. The VanAurum Market Report is our next step in that direction.

Everyday, VanAurum puts together a collection of analytics for what it deems to be the most important events across its entire asset universe. Click below to see the public version of our report!

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Simple, high impact analytics for 90+ of the most actively traded assets

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VanAurum Insights New!

We've built an interface for members to access the same financial database that our financial machine learning system learns from. It is designed to allow traders and analysts to quickly quantify the historical implication of market conditions.

What kinds of questions can you answer? Click here to see the latest searches.

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The VanAurum AI Sentiment Index was by far the most popular analytics dashboard from our first platform. We've made it so that members can access VaiSi analytics for a much larger cross section of the market. The assets our AI system is trained on is expanding all the time, and members can request the addition of new assets.

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Better Information, Not More.

What is VanAurum?

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Always Learning, Always Developing.

VanAurum is scalable to new data.

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